What does a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) do?

In San Diego there is an ever growing need for CNA’s. The reason for this is the aging population in this area that will need to be cared for. For this reason in the upcoming years the demand for CNA’s will continue to go up. Of course, this is just one of the many reasons why becoming a CNA is an excellent career choice.

At the Healthcare Academy of California we provide CNA training in just 21 days. This is a fast way to get your career in healthcare jumpstarted.

When you take our CNA program you learn a variety of skills that will allow you to work as a nursing assistant in San Diego. Some of the skills that you will be training in include:

• Patient assessment
• Personal care
• Movement and transportation of patients
• Cleaning and care of patient environment
• Interacting with patients

A certified nursing assistant works under the supervision of nurses to provide care for patients in hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes and other facilities. They perform basic nursing tasks to help care for patients and provide support for healthcare professionals.

If you are looking to begin a rewarding career in the healthcare industry, Certified Nursing Assistant training may be right for you. In only a short while you can begin working and lending your services to those in need.