San Diego Medical Training Programs

 Accelerated weekday, weekend, and evening courses.

Healthcare Academy of California has been a reputable education provider in the North County, San Diego since 2012. We offer accelerated, affordable, and high demand courses that are often required to enter the healthcare industry. The kind of healthcare professional you become, could very well be determined by the school you choose to attend.

Why choose Healthcare Academy of California?

*The school’s passing rate is consistently 10-15 points higher than the national average.

*We offer a high academic standard leading to recognizable success in the workplace.

*Our courses are designed to give students the preparation and confidence they need to pass the state and national exam.

*Our team of experienced instructors are passionate about mentoring and encouraging success.

*Our curriculum includes a heavy emphasis on professionalism, character building, and leadership development.

The healthcare industry continues to expand. The programs we offer have a job growth expectancy of more than 40% in the U.S. and an even higher growth rate in California.  Information regarding the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) can be reviewed at: www.bppe.ca.gov. For more information on school policies and procedures regarding enrollment, refunds, or conduct please review our school Catalog or visit the Schedules page to view upcoming start dates.


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