Why Did I Choose Certified Nursing Assistant Training Oceanside CA CNA Training

In 2013 I signed up for the Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Oceanside CA because I wanted to pursue a meaningful career. Ever since I had graduated from High School I had switched between various short-term jobs that didn’t mean a thing to me. After 5 years in limbo I decided to get serious about what I wanted to do with my life. I had always felt an interest in pursing Medicine but I could not see myself spending twelve or more years in school. A friend of mine had recently graduated from a fast-track nursing program and was already employed in the paediatrics department of a Hospital. She encouraged to look into a similar Nursing Assistant Training program in Oceanside CA where I lived. Long story short, this is when I ended up enrolled in the Healthcare Academy of California.

The 3 Reasons Why To Choose Certified Nursing Assistant Training From The Healthcare Academy Of California

Convenience of Location

As someone who is extremely close to my family I knew that the Nursing Assistant Training Program that i was going to enroll in had to be close to my home in Oceanside. I had looked into other similar CNA training institutions but The Healthcare Academy of California was the closest to my neighbourhood and had everything that I was looking for in a nursing school.

Fast Track Learning

Like I mentioned before I had a definite interest in pursing medicine but I honestly could not see myself enrolling in a long term program. The Healthcare Academy of California’s Nursing Assistant Training was only 21 days long and provided you with the tools to be certified as a nurse or caregiver in California.

The teaching methods that they used at HAC were very hands on and comprehensive. They focused on providing you with actual experience so that you could feel confident entering the workforce right away.

Affordable Tuition

Last, but certainly not least one of the reasons why I was drawn towards choosing The Healthcare Academy of California’s Nursing Assistant Training Program was because of their affordable tuition. Like many, I hadn’t a large amount of savings towards my post-secondary education and I wanted to make a solid investment with the money that I did have. Because HAC programs are shorter than your average career training program the overall cost of attending is much less. This appealed to me because I was eager to start making money, not spend it!

I am so glad that I took the leap and enrolled in The Healthcare Academy of California Nursing Assistant Training Program in Oceanside CA. Now I am well into my new occupation as a Nursing Assistant and I am loving every minute of it. If you are looking for a full-filling career in the healthcare industry but don’t have a lot of money, and can’t imagine going back to school for an extended period then I highly recommend this institution.

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