Did you know California is one of the top-paying states for nursing assistants, with an hourly mean wage of USD 20.95? The 2022 data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks California the 3rd – just next to Alaska and the District of Columbia – top-paying state for this profession. What does it mean for aspiring CNAs? It means there’s a promising opportunity in the medical industry for CNAs in the state; employment here can be a stepping stone for reaching even greater heights as a medical professional.

If you aspire to land a CNA job, you must possess the necessary skills before you submit your resume. Be prepared not just to survive the scrutiny from potential employers but to perform excellently in actual work scenarios – helping people needing medical attention and saving lives.

Top-notch CNA training is your ticket to get closer to your CNA job. And the good news is that plenty of CNA training programs are available in the state.

If you are looking for a CNA school in North County, San Diego, the Healthcare Academy of California is one of the institutions you should check out. The school offers comprehensive classroom and practical training to prepare you to become a competitive, skilled CNA. The skills you learn as a certified nurse assistant will prepare you for a long-term career in the healthcare industry (Some of the best RNs started as CNAs).

Also, the Academy offers weekdays and weekend classes, and you can choose whether to enroll in a daytime or evening class.

Here are other program inclusions:

  • Nursing Textbook & Workbook
  • Scrubs (2 sets)
  • FREE CPR Course
  • LiveScan Fingerprints
  • State Manual
  • State Exam Fee & Registration

Enrolling in a CNA school in North County, San Diego, such as the Healthcare Academy of California, will surely help you prepare for the State Exam but, ultimately, as a full-fledged CNA professional.

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