Do you need your CPR certification in Oceanside CA? In our post today we are going to discuss some of the important reasons why you should consider getting your certification.

1. Being CPR Certified Can Save Lives

Every year in California and across the United States over 300,000 people experience cardiac arrest.

When cardiac arrest occurs the body is not able to pump blood throughout the body. Eventually the person suffering from cardiac arrest will lose consciousness and will not be responsive. At this point CPR may be the only way to save their life. The longer you allow someone in cardiac arrest to remain unconscious the more life threatening the situation becomes. Being capable of performing CPR allows you to potentially save their life.

2. CPR is a useful skill that employers look for

CPR is a medical training course that never goes to waste! Anyone can benefit from taking a CPR certification course. Many employers count CPR as an asset when evaluating new employees. With proper training CPR is not difficult to do. Being able to perform it in an emergency situation is a huge asset!

It is proven that CPR can keep individuals who are experiencing cardiac arrest alive for up to 38 minutes! This gives the individual a much greater chance of staying alive until medical help arrives.

3. You could save your family

Most importantly, the number one reason why you should get your CPR certification is because it could save the life of a family member or a loved one.

If you ever have to use CPR it will likely be on someone that you are close to.

Having a family member certified to do CPR is good way to assure the safety of your family. Remember it is better to have it and not use it, then not have it and need it.

Are you looking for CPR Certification in Oceanside CA? Contact The Healthcare Academy of California to sign up today!