COVID-19 pandemic has affected many companies from different industries, including the education sector. Many already have scaled their operation down to only their skeletal workforce. The goal is to improve the level of protection versus this health emergency.

As an institution that offers EMT classes, San Diego, we would like to reiterate that the safety of our staff and students is our priority. Thus, we employ a set of practices that are aimed at improving our safety protocol against this contagious disease.

In response to the call of “flattening the curve,” we employ the following practices in our business operations.

Offering online courses – The Healthcare Academy of California now offers online courses for aspiring EMTs and CNAs. With the help of modern technologies, our students can make use of e-learning resources. Also, our teachers can use video conferencing for online class discussions. Classes that are usually done in a classroom setup can be possible with the aid of online platforms.

Practicing physical distancing – Apart from theories, our students also need to undergo practical training. That means, they need to come to the facility to accomplish practical lessons. During this time, we see to it that COVID-19 safety protocol is followed, including physical distancing. We set a maximum number of students per session to ensure that proper social distancing is carried out. This practice is the new normal until a cure for this disease is found.

Wearing facemasks, PPEs – While on duty, the use of face masks and other necessary personal protective equipment is also implemented. Along with proper handwashing, doing it can help improve the level of protection against COVID-19.

Choosing cashless payment – Instead of paying cash, students may opt to pay the cashless way. They can go for electronic transactions, including credit cards, debit cards, as well as using online payment platforms or apps.

Again, the health and safety of our teachers, students, and staff is our utmost priority. The above practices are in effect and considered as a new normal. It is our way to help to flatten the curve.

For inquiries on our EMT classes, San Diego, contact us at (760) 232-4050.