The value of the EMT profession is even more recognized in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can hear it from daily news that EMTs are working beyond their regular schedules to accommodate the surging demands for medical and emergency services. Indeed, this profession is both physically and mentally demanding, yet a fulfilling one.

If you are aspiring to become a highly-qualified EMT, it makes sense to learn not just the fundamentals but the advanced skills. You can learn these skills by enrolling at a reputable EMT training school such as the Healthcare Academy of California – they provide EMT classes, San Diego at affordable prices, and flexible schedules. Weekdays and weekend classes are available.

Here are some skills that you can learn from EMT classes, San Diego.

Basic life support courses (BLS) – These courses are training opportunities for aspiring EMTs to learn CPR, AED, and other life support skills for adults, children, and infants.

Emergency response and transport – Aspiring EMTs will learn how to respond in emergency cases such as car crashes, falls, bar fights, and sports injuries. The job includes giving first-aid treatments as well as the transport to the nearest medical facility.

Pharmacological interventions – These have something to do with the treatment and management of depression in adults with a chronic physical problem.

Paramedic skills – Considered as advanced prehospital skills and give EMTs broad knowledge on an advanced life-saving skill set. Aspirants also learn advanced transport, including airborne and wilderness EMS.

Tips in choosing an EMT training provider

1. Industry experience – Do the mentors have a long experience in the industry with extensive knowledge in EMT?
2. Facility – Is the facility conducive for learning? Do they have an ideal environment for training both for the classroom and practical training?
3. Passing rate – What are their passing rates? Do they have above or below average ratings?
4. Feedback/reviews – Check out the reviews they get from their students in the past; they might have way more negative reviews than the positive ones.
5. Certifications – Are they licensed to operate and offer EMT training?
6. Industry affiliations – Are they affiliated to some companies, which can help you during your search for job prospects?

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