Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are a healthcare professional with a very important role – they assist patients with various healthcare needs, under the direct supervision of a registered/licensed nurse. Given the weight of their responsibility, it makes sense that aspiring CNAs are well-trained. That can only be achieved when trained by a highly qualified provider of CNA programs, San Diego.

Here are 4 responsibilities of CNAs that training providers should help hone their skills for:

Helping patients with their basic living activities. Considered to be the most critical care, CNAs should be well-trained to help patients with basic living activities, including cleaning and bathing patients; turning, transferring and repositioning patients between bed and mobility device; taking patients to eat and to participate in various physical and mental activities.

Measuring vital signs. The delicate nature of patients’ health, particularly the elderlies, requires CNAs to constantly monitor their vital signs. Taking temperature and blood pressure readings every day, for instance, is important not just to help the RN supervisor in keeping tabs of their health, but also to ensure that CNAs know the proper way of handling patients’ daily routine, including bathing, eating, and other physical activities. A reputable provider of CNA programs, San Diego, should be able to prepare CNA aspirants to handle the tasks involving vital signs checking.

Communicating with patients – addressing their concerns. Communication is very important in the medical and healthcare industry. CNAs should be able to listen and understand the patients’ concerns. They should also be able to communicate to get the message across to their patients. It is important to note that it involves verbal and non-verbal communication. A reputable CNA training facility should be able to impart to their aspiring CNAs the proper way to get and take note of their concerns so that they can be addressed accordingly.

Housekeeping skills. This is one of the jobs that many CNAs do not think about that much, but they should… considering its importance. Note that patients do not have the ability to take care of themselves, so it is understandable that they will not be able to take care of their immediate environment. It is fundamental for CNAs know how to also take care of the place of the patients. It is an integral part of holistic care.

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