Pharmacy Technician

Complete in as Little as 12 Months. Your pharmacy technician training will prepare you to work under the guidance of a pharmacist. You’ll be a crucial member of the team and a critical part of keeping the pharmacy running smoothly. Clinical hours are included, we partner with Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy to offer nationwide externships. So you gain priceless, big-brand experience that rapidly builds your resume. Learn More

Veterinary Assistant

Help animals live long, happy lives. Learn about animal pharmacy and pharmacology, radiology and ultrasound for imaging, and treating your shaggy patients. This visually rich course includes lots of images and videos, learning games, and practical exercises to help you rapidly learn new concepts. Our online veterinary assistant program is a relatively quick, simple way to turn your love of animals into a paycheck and a cuddly new career. Learn More

Healthcare IT Professional Program

This could be the perfect job for you. Healthcare and technology are two of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., and technology is increasingly important inpatient care. You will identify and install system components and peripheral devices; understand and maintain storage; connect, create, and secure wireless networks; and understand and configure security measures. Learn More

Medical Assistant

As a medical administrative assistant, you’ll be in charge of providing stellar customer service to patients and keeping a medical office running smoothly. That includes, among various other daily tasks, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, and submitting claims. With this program you’ll also get EHR training, which means you’ll be qualified to prepare and update patients’ electronic health records. Bonus! Learn More

Physical Therapy Aide

Physical therapy fundamentals Physical therapy aides provide support to physical therapists and their patients. They help patients check in, set up equipment, and record patient progress. They also help keep the facilities organized and assist physical therapists with certain procedures when needed. It’s a fun, interactive job that’ll send you home happy. Learn More

Dental Assistant

Dentist offices are fast-paced and team-based. You’ll meet new people daily, and you’ll work closely with other staff to provide high-quality care and comfort to patients, whether they’re in for a routine cleaning or something a bit more stressful (no one likes root canals). Attention to detail and a desire to keep learning will serve you well in your new role: You’ll follow standard procedures, and stay up to date on the latest tools and products. And with one of the best online dental assistant programs under your belt, you’ll be ready to excel in your new career and role. Learn More

Medical Billing & Coding

Learn the medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology needed to correctly assign billing codes to patient procedures and diagnoses. The skill-based Medical Coding and Billing program will provide the knowledge you need to build a foundation working in Outpatient Services. The gold standard and most recognized medical coding credential certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Learn More