In my last blog post I explained why i chose the nursing assistant training program in Oceanside. Today I want to discuss why I landed on that decision and why i chose the Healthcare Academy of California for my healthcare education.

Before I enrolled in the Healthcare Academy of California’s CNA Training course I did extensive research on other options and nursing programs that were offered in Escondido and surrounding area. I did what any twenty-something looking for career advice would do and turned to Google. Very quickly, i realized that the search engines weren’t going to tell me where I should invest my future. So, I set up an appointment to meet with an advisor at the Healthcare Academy of California as well as two other schools that I was considering. Before I decided where I was going to invest my time and money i sat down with a counsellor at each institution and allowed them to describe to me why they thought I would be happy at their school. Then after some careful consideration I made my choice based on three factors, location, affordability, and the length of the program.

Long story short the nursing program that I enrolled in was at The Healthcare Academy of California in Escondido CA. The institution itself was located near my home and the program financing options were within a price range that I could afford. Lastly, the main reason why I select their nursing program over the others that I looked up was because the program length was much shorter. For me , this meant I would complete my certification quicker and be employed sooner – paying back the money that I had invested in my education.

I won’t deny that it did take me awhile to decide what I wanted to do but once I made my mind up I never looked back. I a m currently very satisfied with the education i received from my nursing program. It wasn’t difficult to find employment in my field and The Healthcare Academy of California was very supportive during my transition period from student to nurse.

Anyone who is looking for a career change who is passionate about becoming a nurse should consider HAC’s nursing programs. They have a fast-track learning plan so that you can complete your education and begin working faster. This means less time spent in school and more time making a difference in the lives of patients.

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