If you want to enroll in an EMT training program but your availability does not match our regular class schedules, you might want to consider our EMT night classes, San Diego. The training is done from Monday thru Thursday, from 6 PM-10 PM. With this program, those working in a conventional 9 to 5 setup will have the opportunity to train with us and get the necessary skills needed in the competitive emergency response and medical industry.

With the Healthcare Academy of California’s EMT night classes, San Diego trainees will receive the same level of quality training as our regular classes. The program involves classroom discussions and practical applications (contact us if you want to know about the differences between our regular schedule and night classes).

Our EMT program

Our EMT program meets the requirements of the US Department of Transportation’s National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards. We also adhere to the guidelines detailed in the California State Regulations Title 22.

Job prospects

When it comes to job prospects, according to the data provided by the US Bureau of Labor of Statistics, the EMT median salary is at $35,400. And the job growth rate is at 6%, which is faster than average. Certified EMTs commonly serve at ambulance companies, fire departments, hospitals, police departments, large stadiums, special events, and more.

How to pick an EMT school

EMT training schools are not the same. Some provide training with higher quality than others. Thus, you must choose one based on an informed decision.

Consider the following as part of your criteria:

  • Industry experience (How long the training school has been in business)
  • The mentors (Do the trainers have first-hand experiences in the EMT field?)
  • The passing rates (How’s the school performance? – as reflected in their passing rates in the licensure examinations)
  • Certifications/licenses (Is your prospective school even licensed to provide the training service)
  • The tuition fee (Does the school offer training at reasonable prices? Do they offer several payment options?

Online looking for a training school that offers top-notch quality EMT night classes, San Diego? Contact the Healthcare Academy of California today! (760) 232-4050