So, you are now 100% sure of your career reboot; you want to try your luck in the healthcare industry. In particular, you want to become a highly qualified CNA to achieve your goal. But here’s the thing: to realize that goal, you have to get top-notch quality CNA training in San Diego.

When you look for quality CNA training in San Diego, consider the following:

The training has state approval. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) approves CNA training programs in the state. So, ensure the training facility you plan to enroll in has the recognition and certification.

Accreditation. Choose a CNA training program that has accreditation by relevant accrediting bodies. When the program has received accreditation, it has met specific quality standards.

Competent trainers/instructors. To become a highly qualified CNA, it is not enough to have a certified trainer; you should have a trainer with enough industry experience. Choose a trainer who is knowledgeable about the CNA curriculum.

Curriculum. It is crucial to review the curriculum to ensure that it covers all the necessary training programs that meet the state requirements. Of course, aside from classroom discussion, it should also include practical training.

Clinical experience. A significant portion of CNA training requires clinical activities. Ensure that the program provides enough opportunities for hands-on training in healthcare settings.

Passing rates. Ask about the program’s CNA certification exam passing rates. It is your barometer to measure the effectiveness of their program. It is important to note that the higher the passing rates, the better the chances of passing the certification exam.

Training cost. Do not forget to include the tuition fee and if there is financial aid available in your selection criteria. Top-notch CNA training in San Diego does not only offer quality education but also financing options. Some offer study-now-pay-later schemes that you can avail of if you have limited resources to fund your training.

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