If you are thinking of a career reboot and want to pursue a healthcare-related job, you might want to consider becoming a CNA. The California Department of Public Health requires at least 60 hours of training to qualify. Here at the Healthcare Academy of California, you will undergo 20-day training, honing you in both theoretical concepts and practical application, and become a highly-skilled CNA, ready for the job ahead.

If you cannot squeeze yourself into our day classes – let us say, because you have a 9-5 job – no worries. The academy has added night CNA Classes in San Diego to accommodate you and other people with the same cases.

Here are some compelling reasons why take night CNA classes at HAC:

  • Comprehensive CNA training – you will receive training with courses that reflect the current demand in the market. The school routinely reviews the CNA program and updates it when needed so that you will receive top-notch teachings that match what the industry requires.
  • Flexibility in schedules – again, if you cannot attend the day classes, you can take the night classes; if the night schedule is not feasible, take the weekend class. At HAC, the CNA classes cover every type of aspiring CNA.
  • Top-notch instructors – have decades of combined experience not just in the academe but the healthcare industry. You can rest assured you will learn what you need to become a competitive CNA professional.
  • After-training-completion support – support will not end after you graduate from your training course; we will guide you as you take an exam for certification and connect you to prospective employers with our connection to networks of employers.

Online looking for a reputable academy offering night CNA classes in San Diego? You might want to consider the Healthcare Academy of California as one of your candidates.

Contact us at (760) 232-4050 for more inquiries.